Friday, August 30, 2013

Are Psychics Real

People who believe in spiritual reading or psychic reading mostly assume that it is all about paranormal powers. But, there is a lot more to it. Real psychics have strong senses and a highly developed perception. They possess rare abilities such as clairvoyance, that enables them to 'see visions,' and clairaudience, that enables them to 'precisely hear' information. Although, psychics do posses natural powers, there is a lot of skill, knowledge and practice involved to nurture these powers.

Usually, psychics need a guide to acquire spiritual information. They either use tarot cards to link the meaningful card images with phases of human life or runes and crystal balls to see the unforeseen. Palm readers have the ability to link zigzag lines on palms and faces with the hardships and successes of life.

Distinguishing Between the Real and the Fake

People often take psychic advice in vulnerable situations when they feel the need for counseling, future guidance and when they need to know the truth about present day hardships. It is a natural tendency to seek empathy, motivation and reassurance in such situations in order to ensure that things will fall in place. In such situations, real psychics encourage people with their unbiased advice. However, there are several fake psychics reading services which take advantage of the vulnerable situation of people during their hardships. Such services are set up with the only aim of making money out of others misery.

The following ways can help you to identify a genuine Psychic Spiritual Reader:

Experience - Although, a fake spiritual advisor will boost years of experience verbally, you will have to personally witness the evidence yourself. An experienced psychic will always be well-known. You can perform a quick search on several practitioners to get a detailed feedback. Ensure that the psychic service you choose is recommended by several individuals. You can also think of personally contacting the people to know their psychic experience.

Expenses - A genuine psychic will never charge you heavily. In fact, a few of them also offer guaranteed return of money in case if the individual is not satisfied with the session. Real psychics strongly believe in their natural abilities and truly wish to help you. They honestly tell you what they visualize, feel or hear and leave the charges up to you. There are several phone psychic services that charge you per minute. In such situations, do not continue if the practitioner keeps you hanging for a while.

Information - It is quite possible for you to feel that the information provided to you by your tarot card reader does not make any sense. That doesn't mean the service you chose is fake. Many a times, the information given by a real psychic may also leave you unsure. But, it all makes sense after some time passes.

Instinct - We all have some kind of natural power to sense the good and the bad. It is always good to have faith in you own instincts. Before making your call, always ask yourself if you feel positive and energized to visit a spiritual advisor.
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